The Bearshow, an human raised by bears, (he even looks like a bear!), and a mudwrestling titan.


The bearshow was rasied in alaska by bears, his human parents lost him as an infant because bearshow statred hide and seek but while hiding he started to sleep. and so began his hibernation.

when he woke up he was surrounded by bears, utilising his extensive knowledge of bear behaviour from the docos, brother bear and open season, he deduced that they can speak english, this is what he said "yo whats up mah homies? where mah parents at?"

He didnt get a proper response instead he got an delicious meal filled with lots of meat. he didn't realize that bears dont eat meat, they eat fish, specifically salmon. that thought never occurred to him.

20 years later he has become a giant of a man and far stronger than any ordinary muscular human. as he was raised by the biggest brown bears in alaska not ordinary weak humans. 

soon after he met a female bear and had cubs. his cub asked him how did he meet his wife. well bearshow responded "son, she was attracted to my claws, bitches loves claws"

needing a job to support  his family, he went around and searched for a proper well paying job, but they all rejected him stating "we dont accept bears as employees in our office" 

Desperate and having a hungry family of four cubs and a wife, he was about to give up until he saw a flyer for mudwrestling that people defecated and pissed  and graffitied on. He went straight to neil rumble's office from the address on the flyer that was visible.

Neil rumble said "show me what u can do"

Bear show punched a hole in his wall calling the weapon of maths destruction. because he had calculated the circumference of the hole and the amount of force needed to make it and also he is also a smart bear who can do incredible maths.

Neil rumble was shocked  and said "when can you start?"

Bearshow : "Now."