Former stripper and "hockey player" he decided to Mud Wrestle so he could show off his goods on a grander and larger stage. He is known for being a ladies man and for his feud with his nemesis, Mal Poole. Their most notable battle being the Sydney Screwjob. Solomanichaels is also known for his antics with the stable he co-foundered with Rumble, Re-Generation X Chromosome. Glenn had the Biology and Rumble had the Chemistry.


Starting out as a "Hockey player" with his nemesis, Mal Poole. He tried to compete with Mal's success by becoming a male stripper. when he found out that his enemy is secretly a mudwrestler, he joined for three reasons; to show his goods on a bigger stage, to out do Mal and to join Rumble as a champion. Glenn endured an hour of training in the gym before appearing at the tryouts. During the tryouts he scored an upset victory over established triple A quality superstar, Colonel Sandurz who was impressed pressed with the rookie and decided to take him under his wing.